Breaking Free: Why I Am Determined To Become Financially Independent

Date: May 14, 2016

By: Monroe Vega

If you are reading this and currently work a 9-to-5, you may be dissatisfied with your lot in life and are searching for ways to break the corporate chains. Let’s be honest, every morning we have to struggle to get out of bed to go to places of work we don’t enjoy  to be around people that may rub us the wrong way. All of this hustle and hassle for a paycheck that is already spent on bills before it even hits our hands. For most of us, that cycle continues until we hit the grave.  Definitely a sad reality.

 For me, I was always interested in starting my own business, breaking free from the bondage of the 9-to-5 and being able to support my family financially so they wouldn’t have to work in the future. All great goals right? But then life happens and passions are no longer a priority. I had a family at an early age and got married all within a few years. The pressures to make a living can be daunting. It tends to prohibit us from following our dreams because we are consumed with the day-to-day grind. 

When I turned 30 years old, I reflected hard on my life and decided I needed to do something different. Despite the fact that I have a great paying job and awesome benefits, I wasn’t creatively and financially free. I still have to ask for permission to take my kids to the doctors if needed, still have to request vacation time and I’m doing projects at work I don’t enjoy. This year, I said it’s time to go for my dreams and start researching and creating platforms to bring about multiple streams of income.

 For my first project, I wanted to create a blog that would contain a collection of articles I found motivating, interesting and educational that would enhance my entrepreneurial and financial skills. I also wanted to keep my readers motivated and  empowered to take steps toward creating a better life for themselves and their families. Through this blog I will also keep you updated on my journey toward financial freedom. will be the vehicle that will not only contribute to my success but will hopefully stimulate change in the lives of others. 

You may be wondering, why the name Wealth Poverty? Well, it’s simple, everyone I know in poverty or close to it, dreams of being wealthy or having that lifestyle, while those who are wealthy keep themselves from poverty by making investments and other smart decisions. At the end of the day, it all comes down to education. Not the generic education such as history and science but the education needed to make smart financial choices and the know-how to create multiple streams of income. 

It’s time people, it’s time to get Wealth Educated and Poverty Emancipated. It’s time to take vital steps toward building a positive future for our children. Always remember, “What I do now determines my future tomorrow.” If I decide to continue to work for someone else and help them build their dreams then how can I live with myself knowing that I could’ve spent some of that precious time building my own dreams and creating a better lifestyle for my family.

The time is now! Let’s get it!

Source: WealthPoverty Original

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