There are 4 Things You have to do to be Wildly Successful at Anything

Jordan Belfort’s Life Tip 1. Vision: The Ability to Create a Clear and Compelling Vision for the Future

According to Belfort, you shouldn’t merely set goals. You need something greater than goals. You need a vision.

A goal is something you accomplish. A vision is something you see. It is an entirely new world.

To create a vision, you must “step into [whatever goal it is that you’ve set] and ask what your world is going to be like.” Ask yourself what your world will look like. What will the world look like for yourself, your family, and your friends. If you make a million dollars (a goal), how will your mother’s or father’s medical care improve (the vision)?

Belfort used Nelson Mandella and Ghadi as examples of visionaries. Mandella and Ghandi didn’t merely set goals. They saw entirely new worlds. They then worked towards creating those worlds.

Jordan Belfort’s Tip 2. The Ability to Manage Your State: The Way You Feel in the Moment

Your state is how you feel. It’s what most of us call our mood. (See, Tony Robbins Unleash the Power Within Review for more information on the importance of state.)

Being in the right state “allows you to access the resources you have. If you’re angry and negative and unresourceful, you can’t do anything well.” The higher your state, the greater your resources. The lower your state, the scarcer your resources.

Belfort asks you to think about a bad day where you’ve said to yourself, “I can’t believe I said that, I can’t believe I did that.” On other days you say to yourself, “That was amazing! I got so much done!”

One day you’re prefect, one day you suck. That’s because of your state. Your state is something you can learn to control. You can put yourself into a resourceful state at will. Being able to control your state is what separates successful people from normal people.

Manage the way you feel in the moment. Find the most resourceful state. For parents the most resourceful state is patience and for traders it’s certainty. Fear is a killer.

3 states you need to master

1. Certainty – to be certain about that you’re doing.

2. Clarity – to be clear and not overwhelmed.

3. Courage – to have a conviction and not let fear stop you.

(Rich people act in the face of fear where poor people run away during fear.)

Jordan Belfort’s Tip 3. Manage Your Beliefs and Eliminate Limiting Beliefs.

Your beliefs act like a governor on a car. A limiting belief is like putting a governor on the engine of a Fearrari. It slows you down. It stops you from charging forward when you should move forward, and it causes you to move backwards when you should be moving forward.

Parents and teachers spoon feed us limiting beliefs. Most of them meant well. They gave us limiting beliefs because they were afraid. They didn’t want us to believe in ourselves too much. What if we failed?

Belfort would constantly remove the limiting beliefs from his employees’ heads by holding two meetings a day. He’d tell his employees, “The moment you walked through this door, the past falls off. You’re start acting like a CEO when you sit behind this desk.”

You are Not Your Past.

Most of our limiting beliefs come from our past experiences. (I mentioned that point during my guest appearance on the Real McQueen Show.)

Befort takes a triumphant view on traumatic past life experiences. He observes (at around 41:34 in the interview):

You are not your past, you are the resources and capabilities you glean for it. That is the basis for all change. If you survived the worst of the worse and are still breathing, you can learn from that.

The more crap from your life that you survived, the more likely that you will become great. You must change the way you look at your past. Reverse the angle.

You will find so much power, passion, and internal fortitude from your past if you look at all the horrible things that have happened to you as training for what you must become now. View the past as a prelude to your vision for the future.

Jordan Belfort’s Tip 4. Adopt the Right Strategy.

You must have the right strategy. (Unfortunately the interviewer wasted so much time that we didn’t get a great elaboration from Belfort.)

Jordan Belfort’s Tip (Bonus) 5. Raise Your Standards.

To become wildly successful, you must raise your standards. You will not settle for less than what your standards are.

Raise you standards. Decide to never settle for settle for average.


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